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    Detailed:  Operational requirements1. Track gauge:900/1435mm2. Gradient:6%3. Min curve radius:25m4. Ambient temp:-40 — 45℃5. Overhead wires or batteries optional Technical data Constructional speed70km/h(Speed limitation custom-made )Outline dimension15850*2500*3170mmCapacity150,Maximum 180Seat40BrakeElectro-pneumatic associated brakingDesign serving time40years Characteristics1. Adopt international leadng technology of AC dual motor drive control . 2. Install computer intelligent control system with information display and system fault self-diagnosis function. 3. GPS system information can be seen on control center screen and the mobile phone too. Real time video display and record systems not only transmit video inside each vehicle but also transmit vehicle running information to the center screen. 4.Design style and material inside the vehicle is the same as the subway.