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  • Name: BP009 Vehicle-mounted Frequency Converter
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Technical Parameters:
Input voltage 350750Vdc
Output voltage 220380Vac
Output frequency 50Hz
Control voltage 22-28Vdc
Ins. resistance normal ≧50MΩ,hot≧3MΩ
Temp. -35℃55℃
Dielectric 2000Vac between 600V and enclusure,2500Vac between 600V and 24Vdc,500Vac between 24Vdc and enclosure during 1min
Weight 9kg

 High-performance digital signal controller, advanced frequency modulation technology;  
 Wide range of DC input voltage , suitable for power supply for electric vehicle;
Perfect current without harmonics to ensure the safety of the system, reducing the electromagnetic radiation, in line with environmental requirements;
Comprehensive and reliable system protection, quickly be back from overvoltage, undervoltage, overload and phase loss of the state;
Modular structure and optimized thermal design, small size and easy installation;
Simple electrical connections. Three-wire control ports, 600Vdc input, three-phase output.

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