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  New Plant Design Room Technology Center
Multi-functional Machine CNC Hydraulic Press Brake CNC Tube Bending Machine
Overhead lines Material Warehouse  Vehicle Interior
Lighting Workshop
 Tramway project
undertaken by SMEST
Material Warehouse Electric Bus Equipment
Undertake Tramway
Communication Project
Tram manufactured by SMEST Participate in 2015 Annual
Conference of Rail Transit
 September 2015 – laid a
foundation for Tram
Industry Park
 Discuss the issue on
product certification
Vehicles with SMEST
Electric Equipment
Oversea After-sales Service Inside Modern Tram Vehicles with SMEST
Electric Equipment
 Electric Bus Electric Bus Electric Bus Charging
 The first tram safely
operates for 300,000km
Plant under construction  Attend the conference in
Shenbei District
 Undertake the tramway opposite
Beijing Jiaotong University